About Raising Rubies

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head from 'out of nowhere'? Was it an idea to do something that you normally wouldn't even dream of doing? Did you believe that if you failed to act on the impression, you would later regret it? If so, you'll understand how Raising Rubies began.

Raising Rubies is a means of preserving and sharing my personal discoveries on topics of motherhood, parenting, and family life. I hope to promote a balance of secular education and spiritual inspiration. Therefore, I will reference relevant sites, books, articles, quotes and scriptures from both of these sources. As I share with others, I hope they will return helpful ideas through comments, emails, or contributing a post to the blog.

In our day, motherhood is often undervalued. Popular media feeds women the message that there is more fulfillment and happiness to be found outside of the home. The title "Raising Rubies" was chosen to serve as a reminder that children are priceless and worth every effort in raising them. When we view them for who they really are, we treat them with respect and love; the repetitious aspects of motherhood take on greater meaning, and greater joy and satisfaction are found.

My ultimate goal is to be a great mom, not to have a great blog. It would be hypocritical for me to put the development of this site before my family. But I have found that after a long day of giving myself to them, I am ready for some "me time." And for me, verbalizing my thoughts on family life is uplifting and therapeutic. It is a new-found hobby that invigorates me, and leaves me with more energy to give of myself to my family. Thankfully, it is something that I can do a little at a time, as my personal life permits.

As I look ahead 20 years, I can visualize Raising Rubies as a site replete with tiny "treasures" of knowledge I have gained along my journey through motherhood. One lesson at a time. One post at a time. The small things will add up to something invaluable, just like our precious Rubies.

Jen Y. Thatcher 
May 2011