Strengthening Marriage and Family

This week I started a new semester of teaching at the BYU Salt Lake Center. This will be my second year of teaching. The class is titled "Strengthening Marriage & Family." It is based on principles from "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and on supporting research. We have a newly updated textbook, "Successful Marriages and Families." For anyone not in school who would like something very interesting and scholarly to study, I recommend it. And for anyone local who is thinking about going back to school, you should look into the BYU Salt Lake Center. I can't say enough good about that place!

After a summer-long break, I am reminded how FUN it is to be back in school! Even though I'm the instructor, I feel like a student. I soak up the readings! I'm energized by our discussions. I firmly believe in what I am teaching. And I learn so much from the students' comments. I return home from class a happier wife and mother, more grateful for my children and more in love with my husband. I have a strengthened resolution to make our family life better. 

Why am I posting about this? 

Well, tonight, I also have a greater resolve to share what I am learning each week on Raising Rubies. Last year as I taught this class, I was dealing with my worst case of morning sickness. I wanted so badly to post something from class, but I could barely keep up with life. After preparing to teach each week, there was nothing left of me to give to something outside of my family. So Raising Rubies sat untouched most of the time, despite my desires, and despite a lot of inspiring thoughts on family issues rolling around in my brain. It was a little disappointing, but I knew I had limitations. And I knew my commitment to the classroom superseded my commitment to the blog. My greatest commitment of course, is always to my family.

Tonight, I am making a commitment. This is a little scary to do. But I thrive on goals and deadlines. So I'm giving myself an assignment this semester to post something from class each week. I'll try to highlight what will be most beneficial to you by sharing the things that were most meaningful for me. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Wonderful! The thing I've missed most since graduating is the lectures -- I LOVE soaking in information! I'm excited to hear what you learn. :)

  2. I really look forward to teaching again someday like you are. And I can't wait to get my hands on that book!