The "Golden Rule"

Have you heard of "Scripture Scouts" before? It's a cute series of CDs that teaches scripture stories through beautiful and songs and clever dialogue. I actually remember listening to it as a child, and I was surprised to learn that they are still around, with so many more CDs. We listen to it a lot while driving and when the kids are laying in bed to fall asleep. Why not fill their minds with good, uplifting material? And why not have them learning the scriptures during their "down time"? Especially when it's entertaining and fun for them.  Our girls LOVE it! I highly recommend it for young ones. 

This week while we were listening to it, a catchy little children's tune came on about the "golden rule" found in St. Matthew 7:13. The song goes, "There is a rule, a golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you." Lately, we've caught ourselves singing this tune a lot because it's hard to get it out of your head. But I like the reminders it has given me: 1. to reinforce this teaching to our children, and 2. to live by it myself. 

When our kids need a reminder, all I have to do is start humming the tune, and they know what I'm getting at. There have been plenty of times when it has helped them stop and think about what they were doing and choose to act differently. It's amazing how much change can come about just by understanding and applying a true principle!

But I think it has had an even greater impact as on me as a mother. I have found myself looking inward to see if I am living by this rule. I've gone so far as to picture myself as the child, and someone else as the parent. I've wondered how it would feel to be treated how I am treating them. And I've found myself being way more merciful when I've put myself in their shoes. I've thought of how my parents did things, and I've wanted to be more like them--loving, positive, and full of trust. If I was the child again, would I want a parent who is over-controlling? Would I want a parent who cares more about justice than mercy? Or would I want a parent who is kind, patient, and understanding? 

I have so far to go as a parent (don't we all?). I'm glad children are forgiving! And I'm glad that Heavenly Father is our perfect example. He is forgiving of us. He is patient. He is merciful. And He is grateful for our efforts on behalf of His little ones. If He can be so good to me, then I should try to be as good to my children. Thanks for the lesson, Scripture Scouts!


  1. I needed this today. I really haven't been talking nicely to K lately, even when I'm asking her to talk nice. I hate it when I do it, but it's so hard to stop. :(

    1. I know! Why does it have to be so hard? It all comes back to our example, and we make mistakes all the time! So in the end, I guess if we just point them to God's example, He won't let them down.

  2. We had the Scripture Scouts tapes when I was a kid! I haven't gotten any of them on CD for my kids, but have thought about it before and have seen them at Seagull Book. Fun to know that you and your girls like them!

  3. Yeah, we requested them from Grandma for a birthday present. And then our other Grandma found a bunch of tapes at DI (and our stereo in our car actually has a cassette player) so we have a lot of them to listen to. We love them all!