Don't Underestimate What Daddy Can Do

A couple weeks ago I was discouraged by a disobedient daughter. After discussing it with Paul (my husband), he wanted to help. He called her into our room for a little one-on-one chat. After a few minutes, she came out with a smile on her face and a sly look toward Daddy. They announced that they had a secret! For the rest of the evening, she was a completely different child. She answered, "okay" whenever I asked her to do something. And she was her sweet self again.

I tried to get the secret out of Paul later that night, but he was tight-lipped. He said the power of her behavior change was tied to the secret. And he was right. The next day, she was so glad that he hadn't told me, and she kept up the behavior. But I did find out a little about their chat. He was very positive. He complimented the good in her, and explained to her what mommy needed. He suggested a hypothesis that they were going to test out: a change in her behavior would cause a change in me. And so far I think their little hypothesis is working, because I am much happier.

This is just one example of many, in which Daddy's intervention has made a huge difference in our home. I turn to him all the time for reinforcement with what I am trying to teach. I can't imagine raising a family without him as my partner. And I can't calculate the loss our children would feel if we didn't have him. They love their time with him. They eagerly wait for Daddy to come home from work. They think of things throughout the day that they want to tell him. They thrive on their one-on-one interactions with him. They soak up his compliments. They all want to sit by him at the dinner table. They can't get enough play time with him in the evenings. They love his stories at night. 

I am convinced that a Father who is intentional about giving his time and positive attention to his children will reap great benefits. Here is a link to an excellent fact sheet about the benefits of father involvement. And here is one on making every day count for father's (titled Father's Day--Everyday) by helping dads be involved in their child's life. They were both created by the Minnesota Fathers and Families Network. Check them out!

What is the most significant way your husband or father has influenced his children?

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