A Mother's Day Book

Can I introduce you to a new favorite book? Yes, it's a children's picture book. But don't underestimate its value. You can snuggle up on the couch with your little ones and enjoy the sweet conversation between a mother and her son. In response to his questions, she tells the story of how her life has become happier and happier, especially as she has become a mother. The pictures are cute and the message is inspiring. I can't help but feel more love for my children as I read this to them. It makes me want to hold them closer, enjoy them more, and express the happiness that they bring to me each day. I highly recommend "The Happiest Mommy Ever" for any mother or grandmother.


  1. I think that The Seven Silly Eaters is hands down the best children's book for Moms. I sent it to a bunch of my friends this Mothers Day.

  2. Julie, the artist, is a friend of mine from college. She is amazing!